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IPEKA International Celebrates Indonesia Independence Day Why I Love Indonesia?

Both teachers and students of IPEKA International Christian School (IICS), ranging from Nursery through Senior High, together celebrated 67 years of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. IICS held a ceremony and various school competitions on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

The sense of patriotism of August 1945 (Semangat 17 Agustus, a well-known motto toward the Independence Day) and the spirit of sportsmanship spread wide among the teachers and students.

Minutes before the competitions, the school held a ceremony and a combined service for each grades at IICS Grand Chapel. The combined service for the Kindergarten students had a theme of Why I Love Indonesia? There are many factors to fall in love with this country:

  • its beautiful islands
  • its unique cultures, and even
  • its yummy foods

As for the competitions for Nursery to Elementary students were tunnel and ball race, donut or cracker eating contest, and other competitions. Meanwhile, for the Junior and Senior High level were basketball, water dodgeball, tug of war, soccer using sarongs, band competition, and many more.

Not only the spirit of patriotism like in the revolution era that can be emulated by the students during the competitions in celebrating the 67th anniversary of the Independence Day of Indonesia, but also to teach them to do their best, practice sportsmanship and unity among them. So, it’s not merely about winning or getting the prize.

 “Make yourselves at home there and work for the country’s welfare.”
―Jeremiah 29:7 a, The Message

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