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IPEKA INTERNATIONAL Elementary Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a day which is celebrated by IPEKA INTERNATIONAL students every year. This year, IPEKA INTERNATIONAL held it with a new theme, “We can make a difference”.

The school had the opportunity to work together with organization named PRECIOUS ONE, an organization that was established by Mr. Markus who was born as a disabled man with such a big heart and great talent.

Fundraiser was held in 2 weeks since 6 November – 14 November 2012 to support PRECIOUS ONE’s program which is to hold an entertaining event for children with Down syndrome disease. The purpose is to make the Down syndrome children feel how to play like normally children do.

On 19 November 2012, IPEKA INTERNATIONAL held the activities for Grade 1 – 6 students. It was conducted by those talented mute coworkers who are working at PRECIOUS ONE. They were teaching the students how to make art and craft activity such as hand puppets and key chains.

By doing this program, we hope that the students really be thankful of their life and learned to show their thankfulness through little things, such as praying and donating from their own pocket money.

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