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IPEKA Integrated Junior High Thanksgiving Service Be the Light

On the evening of Friday, 24 May, IICS Junior High had a very special event take place—the Year 9 Thanksgiving Service with a theme Be the Light. The organizing committee had been working tirelessly for the previous 2 months in order to create a memorable night where students, parents, and teachers could give thanks and reflect upon the past 3 years. Attendees enjoyed a variety of things, from guest speakers, to special performances, to a surprise fireworks show after the service.

As part of the opening, Mr. Cendra shared some heartfelt words on behalf of the IPEKA Foundation. Later in the service, students were treated to a special inspirational message from Mr. Saud Tanamassa, leader of Boys Brigade in Jakarta. Another notable speaker, Mr. Glenn Cox, Principal of Junior High, closed the service with an encouraging message for the graduating students.

The service was packed with entertaining and memorable moments. In order to cater to the tech-savvy Year 9 students, organizers created several videos that were incorporated into the evening—some for entertainment, and some for sharing meaningful messages to students and parents. Several students performed and shared remarks dedicated to parents, teachers, and classmates.

The most touching part of the ceremony, though, came when students went into the audience to present their parents with a special glass rose. Teachers and staff members occasionally had to look away at this time to avoid sharing some tears of their own during the emotional exchange between students and their parents.

After the service, guests rushed to the canteen to watch sparks fly at the closing fireworks show. It was a memorable night, indeed!

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