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IICS Team Won in Tiara Bangsa School Sprint Swim Challenge 2012

The story began at the swimming competition, held by Tiara Bangsa International School in Cibubur, East Jakarta. Although I am not a swimming coach, but I was lucky to have an opportunity to accompany some students to this competition.

This event was two months ago but the stories remain vivid in my mind. The spirit of competition, tension, joy, and disappointment that I saw are still fresh in memory. I can still recall the perseverance of the swimmers competing in the race. Everyone wanted to win a trophy and go home with a gold medal around their necks. The only way to hold up the trophy or to have a gold medal in their hands was to win the battle in the pool. They had to defeat the other contenders.

However, they had to overcome nervousness within themselves first.  At the end of the competition, the winner felt the joy and the unlucky ones prepared to try again in the next event.

The situation was a little bit crowded when we arrived at the Tiara Bangsa International School. I saw swimmers from other schools around Jakarta. I was sure that they all had the same dream to be the best in this competition.

Did I feel tension? Yes, a little bit! I thought about my students. Are they going to win? Are they going to lose? Are they well prepared? Many questions were in my mind while I was watching Natassja, Pricilla, Nicole, and Claire warming up. They looked so relaxed. I thought they were alright. There was nothing to worry about. Competition is not always about winning or losing. It is about doing our best and having a good attitude to deal with the results.

The race began. Claire, Jennifer, Natassja, Nicole, and Pricilla, raced in 200 m free relay and 200 m medley relay. They jumped into the water and kicked the water as hard as they could. They reached out as far as possible. They swam like champions. They fought until the finish line.

There I saw their fighting spirit. Their ‘fight-till-the-last-kick’ attitude was so impressive and at the end, two gold medals were coiled around their necks. Regardless of the result, competitions train us to have fighting spirit, to try our best honestly, and be relaxed and enjoy the event no matter what happens.

Congratulation to Claire, Jennifer, Natassja, Nicole, and Pricilla for a competition well done!

(This article is written by Jeskrispen Lagarense)

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