Jakarta Aquarium

1 On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the lower elementary students of IICS went to the Jakarta Aquarium at the Neo Soho Mall.  Everyone was excited to go, even those who had visited the aquarium before.

As the students went through the aquarium with their guides, they crowded around each display, and many of them wanted to rush ahead and see more.  Eventually, the groups made their way downstairs to view the large fish.  The students liked looking at the sharks and rays.  There was also one very large Grouper that stayed near the windows.  Many students were impressed by its size.

2After lunch, the aquarium put on a theatrical performance.  The story was The Pearl of the South Sea.  The production was impressive.  They had a number of colorful costumes and props, but the mermaid actresses were the highlight.  The show captivated the students.

After the show, the third graders participated in the 5D submarine activity, while the first and second graders sang, danced, and asked questions of the host.  They were enthusiastic about asking questions.  They would have stayed all day if they were given the opportunity.

Finally, it was time to return home.  The students had to be called away from the question and answer session and from looking at the fish.  Hopefully their appreciation of God’s marvelous creation and their curiosity about the world around them are greater now than before the field trip.

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