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Greetings to you all!

I am Gabie Alvina, the Principal of IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School for Kindergarten and Elementary level. I am grateful being involved in the education ministry at this school.

Kindergarten and Elementary are the basic and primary level for the students to be prepared going to the next level. Both levels are important since during that period, children are easily absorbing information and character trainings. Putting down a strong foundation of faith at this age is also important and beneficial. Aligned with our school mission we have the desire to educate students holistically, in every aspect of their life, academically, socially, and spiritually.

Teachers are important in educating the students. Teaching the students an aligned knowledge with the Word of God requires devoted Christian teachers. We pray that God can use us as his tools to reach out these students to Him.

Teachers and parents are hand in hand to give the best education for these students. We are aware that we are responsible to God, not to man, in doing this ministry. We expect the graduates of IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School will have excellent academics and godly characters so that they can bring good impact to their society in the future

Soli Deo Gloria!

Gabie Alvina, S.Psi, M.Ed
Kindergarten & Elementary Principal

IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School Kindergarten uses A Beka Christian Curriculum, an integrated, Bible-based curriculum from the U.S. which provides students with knowledge and opportunities to learn more about God through all subjects. The school also applies that philosophy in daily method of teaching to help students grow in their faith and to protect them from the attack of worldly values.

IPEKA INTEGRATED Kindergarten has a 3-year education program (Nursery, Kindergarten 4 {K4}, and Kindergarten 5 {K5}), providing an unique opportunity for students to learn from a variety of teaching materials and methodology from our professional, trained staff.

English (Phonics, Reading, Writing & Enrichment)
Skill Development
Physical Education
Ballet & Movement Class
Character Building

The teaching and learning activities are focused on producing individuals who are articulate, knowledgeable, and of sound character―able to make good decisions and function well as members of a free society.

Christmas Celebration
Vacation Bible School
Grandparents Day
Art Craft Competition
Vacation Bible Study
Fire Drill
Grandparents Day
Spiritual Emphasis and Enrichment Day