Kite Museum Trip

IPEKA IICS layang-layangThe first week of classes resume for Elementary students started off with our first field trip to the most unique museum in Jakarta, Kite Museum. Kite Museum or Museum Layang-layang is more traditional and interactive than most places in Jakarta, especially for our students.

On October 21-24, our first graders all the way up to third graders had the opportunity to go there by bus. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a friendly museum assistant who led us to the center of the museum. At the center of the museum, there was a comfy shelter for students to start their activities.

Not only were the students able to paint the wayang, but also their giant polyester kites using paintbrushes and colorful oil paints. Once students were finished, the museum assistant brought them to a small theater to enjoy a movie for fifteen to twenty minutes about the history of kites in particularly Indonesia and some other countries. And then students were given opportunity to tour the museum in groups.

After exploring the museum and learning more about kites, the students enjoyed a lunch at the museum before heading back to school. Through this exciting trip, students broadened their knowledge of the wonderful world of kites and a part of the rich culture of Indonesia.

~by Ms. Cherry Priskila (Grade 1.3 Teacher)

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