Kuntum Farm

IICS G.1-3On January 20 and 21, 2016, IICS students grade 1-3 gathered at Kuntum Farm, Bogor. It was a sunny day at Kuntum Farm. Students were welcomed by guides. As students entered the farm, excitement was high as they got to feed various animals in such a close distance. They gave milk to the goats, fed grass to the cows, spread seeds for the goose, even played with the rabbits.

Excitement IICS G.1-3 (3)continued because the younger students got to paint a farm hat that they could bring it home with them. And, the other students got to ride horse around the farm.

Finally, their excitement was at the peak when they jumped to a small pool and played catching fish. They had so much fun. Students went home excited with two fish to bring home to Jakarta.

By: Ms. Rieke Science Teacher of G. 3

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