Leadership Camp 2018

IMG-20181026-WA0015 The leadership camp for the new Year 12 students was held in The Pelangi Resort in Bogor from 24-26 October 2018. These three days were simultaneously enjoyable yet challenging. During the leadership camp, we were drilled on how to improve both ourselves and others, and also learned how to work together as a team.

The activities we carried out weren’t all physical activities but also involved mind-bending activities that required strategic thinking skills that were essential to being a leader. One such game was a game of war where teams would have to declare war or peace on the other teams. The team with the most money wins. However, none of the teams won because going to war caused the teams do not have any money left. Thus, the facilitators taught the lesson of how leaders in the world today refuse to back down from war, even with the knowledge that war only makes a country grow more in debt.

We also had to present our ideas as a group on how to improve our school community and our country through the two characteristics that we agreed to have together throughout the camp. Our visions were also supported by the missions that we created. Our facilitators did not spoon-feed us. Instead, we learned how listening to other people’s opinions could be the answer to making a decision for the group. From the presentations, there were many answers that proved diversity is truly better than uniformity for not everybody had the same approach and thought process as the other people around them.

IMG-20181026-WA0024A physical activity that required the grade to work cohesively as a batch was building the bridge. The grade was divided into several teams with different job specifications. We all had the same end goal, which was to build a bridge that was capable of supporting five people at one time. We all worked tirelessly and gave it our all. After 45 minutes, we successfully built a bridge. There were several activities that were more intimidating than another, but still at the end of the day, with encouragements from our teammates, we were able to conquer them.

Leaving this leadership camp, we were all equipped with simple experiences that will take us a long way in our future. We learned how everybody on a team matters and has a role to play. Another thing that stood out was fear is just an illusion that can be defeated by courage. We are fearless and gifted in many ways to be able to lead each other and also to know that our voices matter.


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