Let Us Give Our Best!

In the beginning of February, IICS Elementary had a retreat for grade 5 students. From 5 – 7  February 2014, we stayed at Villa Bukit Pinus, Sukabumi. We really hoped by having Giving My Best as our retreat theme, the students would learn to give their best in their lives as a Christian, student, and child. Praise be to God that we could have this event since the weather lately had become an issue which made some parents concerned.

The students could not wait to have their retreat, some of them could not even sleep the night before they went to Sukabumi. We were so happy that the trip went smoothly. We arrived in Villa Bukit Pinus safely without any trouble caused by the weather. The students directly had their lunch and nap time after their arrival. However, they were too excited to sleep so they spent their rest time to play and talk with their friends.

Our first session was led by G.I. David Purnomo who talked about self-image to the students. He shared how important to have Christ as our image in the middle of so many misperceptions about self-image among young children.

All of the students were extremely thrilled by the indoor games led by Ms. Sherly, our Science teacher, especially when they know the reason behind the games which taught them values about friendship.

The students woke up early in the morning to have their exercise with our PE teachers so they would stay fresh throughout the day. During the retreat, the students also had group talk with their mentors after each session to discuss about what blessing they had received from the sermon. They also shared some experiences that they had been through, connected to the theme of last session they had just had.

Outdoor game was one of the students’ favorite activities during the retreat. This time they had to fill a pipe which had holes on it. It was very exciting moment to see how they tried to work hand in hand to be able to cover the holes with their body members so that they could fill up the pipe. Afterward, they prepared themselves for the Talent Show. All the students worked in a group to make a drama and singing performance according to the theme that they had.

All the students, including the teachers really enjoyed each group’s creative performance. They could really give their best in the drama play and singing performance, they even shared the moral of the story from the play.

A session called Giving my best as a child was the most touching moment of all. A lot of students were deeply moved and cried when the speaker played some clips about parent- child relationship and asked them to have their reflection time about their own relationship with their parents…

Many of them promised themselves that they want to give their best so they can have better relationship with their parents. For safety reasons, we only had a brief time of bonfire after that, since the weather was not supportive.

Finally, it was time for us to leave Villa Bukit Pinus, the students surely missed their parents a lot. Thank God that our way back was also smooth so we could arrive safely before time.

We do hope that the blessing that they received in this retreat will be the seeds God plants in their hearts, so they could really give their best as they walk their daily lives with God. To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen.

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