Let’s be Fruitful

New PictureIn the beginning of the school year, IICS Elementary students had 2 days of SEED (Spiritual Emphasis and Enrichment Days) program. Our yearly theme this year is Be Fruitful in Christ. It is the next step of our theme last year which was To Grow in God.

After they grow in their knowledge and understanding about Jesus, it is our biggest hope for the students that they will be fruitful in Him, too. The good fruits that they bear will be seen through their daily behavior, words, and character.

The students started their day in the chapel listening to message of God by GI. Hendro Lim. We were so blessed being reminded how we could bear wonderful fruit out of our close relationship with God.

In the classroom, the teachers reviewed the material of SEED by asking them questions and discuss how they can apply the message that they heard in the chapel in their daily lives. Afterward, the students had art and craft activity of tree with fruits of the Spirit. Hopefully, this will remind them to have these character traits in their life.

ayat-ayat AlkitabWe still have a long journey ahead of us, yet we believe that God who began the good work in us will bring it to completion until the end of this academic year.

As time goes by, we pray that our students will bear good fruits not only for their surrounding but they can also bless the people in this country and the whole world. May God’s name be lifted up when the world sees the work of His children!

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