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Indonesia’s Independent Day Celebration – Senior High Students

  Copy of IMG_7920On the 18th of August 2016, IPEKA Integrated Christian School’s student council prepared an event filled with a handful of traditional games as well as traditional street food in order to commemorate Indonesia’s 71th Independence Day. Instead of going about the usual school schedule, all highschool students of IICS were to be dismissed from their regular academic schedules at 10.00 AM and to be awaited at the field where the whole event would be held.

  Copy of IMG_7655There were a total of 9 traditional games as well as 1 mega game which was held at the very end of the day. The 9 games consisted of makan kerupuk, tangkap belut, sepeda lambat, get the ball, sumpit kacang ijo, bakiak, french water cup, flip the bottle, and balap karung. Alongside these games, we invited several street food sellers from outside of our school to come and sell their traditional refreshments here. Of course, we had to invite one of the most common yet delicious Indonesian street foods such as kerak telor, tahu goreng, eskrim medan, as well as es cendol. As if the games and culinary weren’t enough, we provided a speaker in the field to pump up some Indonesian music to show even more of our nationalism and to set the mood. On our last mega game, it only seemed fitting to end the day with one of the most famous Independence day games which is tug of war. But to spice things up a little bit, we didn’t want to do just any game of tug of war, and so we made a 3 way tug of war. Each PCG had to select 10 representatives to join the game and battle against other classes.

  IMG_1006Overall, the event was a good refreshment for all the students from their tasks and assessments and it showed how we as the younger generation can show our respect and admiration towards the heroes and leaders who fought for our independence as well as our freedom. Ir. Soekarno once said, “Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang menghormati jasa pahlawannya” which means “A great nation is a nation that respects its patriots service.” There are many ways for us to show are nationalism, but what better way for us as students and learners to do so than by celebrating the day we declared our Independence.

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