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Message From Location Coordinator

Education plays a strategic role in developing and enriching a nation. Improving the quality of education is important in order to prepare the next generation that will equip a nation to face globalization. This can only be obtained with updated knowledge and strong character, which should begin early in schooling.

Shaping the character of students is as important as achievement in science. Advancement in science without good character is in vain. To that aim, IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) has prepared academic and non-academic programs to help students become knowledgeable young people with good Christian character, educating them with an integrated learning system based on Christian values.

We hope that parents will take part in our activities in order to create a seamless teaching-learning process. One of the ways we propose to do this is through a dialog between the school and parents that would create an open forum for good communication to aid in the development of the students.

We would like to invite you, parents, to come and take a closer look into what we do at IICS for our students. We hope that this website will give you more information about IICS.

Setyawati, S.Pd., M.Pd.
Location Coordinator