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Message From Location Coordinator

Ms.JoshieOn behalf of management, teachers and staff, I want to welcome you to IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) Website. All of us at IICS welcome the opportunities to partner with you – parents – to educate and train your children to be the next generation of influential leaders in Indonesia.

By God’s grace, over 1100 students have graduated from our school over the years. They are now making their marks in their colleges and universities of choice, and in the world beyond. I am humbled to say that one of my many favorites parables, Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14 – 30 is a wonderful example of people cultivating their different talents and gifts, and doubling them, resulting in the Master (God) being pleased with their actions. I believe when our children are open to God’s teachings, the results will exceed our greatest expectations and will be pleasing to God. In return, we discover the purposeful meaning and joy in our lives.

At IICS, we believe the Bible is true and that we have a vital responsibility to help children discover and develop their Godgiven talents and gifts. With the ever changing global environment,these young minds need trainings to think Critically and Creatively,Communicate effectively, and Collaborate with others from different background. Strong foundations in reading, writing, mathematics, and other core subjects are still as important as ever, yet by themselves are insufficient for lifelong success. The above 4 Cs are called the 21st Century Learning Skills and as a commitment from IICS, we augment it with the next C, which is Christian Worldview. IICS strives to equip our students through robust academic curriculum, while adding the fun through the many activities we integrate such as: Vacation Bible School, Retreats, Camping, Leadership Camp, Field Trips, Immersion Programs, Social Activity and many more. Each division also offers an array of weekly extracurricular activities, thus inducing ‘Fun Learning.’ Furthermore, the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” holds true when it comes to educating these young minds. We are part of that village as well as parents. Deutronomy 6:7 instructs us to consistently communicate with our children whenever and wherever we are. Hence, we gladly encourage parents to partner with us in developing Christlike character in our students. Together, we need to work together to see God’s design, plan and purpose fulfilled in each of our students’ lives.

Thank you for your interest in IPEKA Integrated Christian School. Our school is located in Meruya, Jakarta Barat, and our entire 11 branches of IPEKA schools are spread out in Jakarta, Serpong, Grand Wisata,Palembang, Balikpapan and Makasar.

Feel free to contact our Relational Officers to arrange a tour of our facilities or to meet with our Principals in person. I look forward to connecting with you and your family in the near future.

We envisioned our students are people who will contribute greatly to the development of their churches, community, and the nation. In the essence of in loco parentis, parents play a very important role in their children’s learning process. Therefore, we expect strong parental involvement for the sake of the wholeness and sustainability of the students’ learning. In order to create a seamless learning process and to aid in the development of the students, we appreciate good communication and openness between parents and school.

We would like to invite you, parents, to come and take a closer look into what we do at IICS for our students. It is my hope and prayer that you will find the best school that will educate the precious children God has entrusted you with.

Joshie Katherine Tan B.Com, M.Ed.

Location Coordinator