My Rawinala Experience

Dwituna Rawinala Field TripOn October 23, 2014, the sixth graders went to Dwituna Rawinala, a place for double-handicapped children.

The main purpose of this fieldtrip was to be a blessing for the children there.

As we arrived on the place, we were introduced to our tour guides. The tour guides led us on a tour of Rawinala. The place is very spacious. They have rooms for each activity according to the children’s disabilities and needs.

There, we saw the children learning to eat properly, wash their own dishes, draw, and other things that maybe common and easy for us. Some of the children could even work in their canteen as a cashier and others could cook for friends with Indonesian traditional food or snack called tempe.

I was amazed that even with their disabilities, they could do things that may actually could not be done by them. After the tour, we went to the aula, an assembly hall. Inside, we sang some songs and were asked to interact with the Rawinala children.

It was not easy to communicate with them as they could not really hear us clearly and we couldn’t really hear them clearly as well. We also had to be really careful of what we say as we might hurt their feelings.

There were quite a few children from age 6 to around 16. There were even adult men around 25 years old. After around 10 minutes, we sat back down in our places. Ms. Lince, our Vice Principal, preached God’s Word and called two of the Rawinala children to the stage. One of them was a young girl named Charice. She is six years old. Charice is very adorable despite her inability to see. Miss Lince asked her why she never felt sad. Charice answered with enthusiasm, “Because God is good!

It is truly amazing how such a young girl can be a testimony to others and that God can use anyone to spread Hid Word. It reminded me that yes, God is good. Many of the Rawinala children could play music and sing very well. One of the men could sing very nicely. Michael, a blind young boy could play the piano amazingly.

From this fieldtrip, I learned that God always cares and loves everyone. He takes care of everyone, even the ones with disabilities. I also learned that I have to be like Jesus, being a friend for everyone, even with those who are different from us.

I realized that God has a wonderful plan for each one of us even though if we still do not see His plans. Finally, indeed God is good, all the time just as Charice said.

~by Alicia Iskandar (Grade 6.3)

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