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Networks of IPEKA with Schools in Australia

IPEKA INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (IICS), established in 1999 under IPEKA FOUNDATION, has made a networking and cooperation with some Christian schools in Australia. Such cooperation is essential, due to the use of the curriculum of New South Wales, Australia by IICS and that IICS itself has been accredited by the Australian government (Board of Studies NSW).

Praise the Lord, IPEKA FOUNDATION sent some delegates to enhance cooperation and increase networking with Christian schools in Sydney on March 21-23, 2012. The delegation was as follows: Mr. Victor Tanoko (Education Board Chairman of IPEKA FOUNDATION), Mr. Kwee Lei Hok (IPEKA FOUNDATION Secretary), Mr. Petroes S. Soeryo (IPEKA CEO), and DR. Janet Nason (IPEKA CEO Advisor).

The delegation visited Pacific Hill Christian School (one of the best Christian schools with its advanced Christian education curriculum) in Dural, New South Wales on March 21. The purpose of the visit was to discuss a cooperation, particularly in curriculum development.

Meanwhile, the delegation also visited St. Catherine’s School (sister school of IICS since 1999) in Waverley, New South Wales on March 23. In addition to conduct a comparative study, the delegation also handed a souvenir, which was a set of Indonesian traditional instrument, angklung, for St. Catherine’s School during the visit.

It was so special because it was also attended by a group of IICS students who participated for a study visit to Australia. The students even had the opportunity to showcase in using angklung for a song, Amazing Grace.

The wonderful thing was that when the IICS students invited some St. Catherine’s students to take part in playing this traditional instrument of Indonesia. They played angklung together as “sisters”, representing each schools that have been sister schools for a long time.

As a philosophy lies behind angklung, i.e. the harmony created between two different bamboo strips, so does the beauty of togetherness and cooperation. Hopefully the networks between the schools keep growing and going well, and the schools could contribute each other.


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