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People Development Seminar by John Craig et al. at IPEKA International

What are the things required for a school to construct great methods for students to learn and get significant results besides activities inside or outside the classroom on daily basis? Well, one of them is by continuously training and equipping the human resources i.e. leaders, teachers and staff continually.

Responding to that subject, IPEKA International Christian School, Jakarta held people development seminar to further enhance the human resource quality, as well as to create best teaching and learning methods or activities for students.

         IPEKA International Christian School hosted three consecutive seminars on last February 18, 2013 with speakers from the United States as follows: Dr. John Craig (Executive Director of ACSI or Association of Christian Schools International, Texas) and his wife, Mrs. Becky Craig, and Mrs. Jane Schimmer which is the wife of Dr. John Schimmer, one of the founders of ACSI, which is also a speaker for a seminar in IPEKA Christian School.

The seminars on IPEKA International are as follows:

-         Christian Education with A Whole Person Focus with Dr. John Craig
-         Active Learning & Critical Thinking Skill by Becky Craig
-         Early Identification of Children Who Learn Differently with Mrs. Jane Schimmer

Hopefully those seminars could motivate and encourage all leaders, teachers and staff to influence and help students to have better achievement academically and spiritually.

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