Preparing Students For The Future

IICS University Counseling Office was established primarily to help students make an informed decision on their tertiary study. Some projects that have been around for a couple of years are Australia/USA study trip, production of university handbook, and lunch time information table by university representatives. In the past few months, University Counseling Office took a few more initiatives to better equip students with information and exposure they need.

1. Summer Camp (June-July 2016)

One of the best ways to spend school holidays is by joining a summer camp. A handful of IICS students grabbed the opportunities offered between June to July holiday this year. Some of them went to USA, while others chose to go to Australia or Singapore. And what did they get out of it? Exposure. They had a chance to ‘taste’ university courses, interacted with university lecturers, made new friends across the globe, and lived in a campus dormitory.

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2. Motivational Seminar (25 August 2016)

seminar 2 Mr. Jimmy Hariyanto, a public speaker who co-founded a private company that focus on helping young people finding the right university major and career was invited to speak to IICS students. The session started with students taking a simple career profile test and they were presented with a shocking statistics which shows that 8 out of 10 students choose a wrong university major.One and a half hour session seemed too short because the speaker passionately poured out information, motivated the students to pursue their dreams, and taught them how to identify their passion, potential and personality. It was an eye opening session for many students; a great reminder that the future truly lies in their own hands.


3. Visitation to Faculty of Medicine UPH (31 August 2016)

siloamsIICS University Counseling Office recognizes that studying medicine in a tertiary level is a huge investment of student’s time and money. Thus we counsel the students carefully in small groups or one-on-one basis to check their motives and provide some feedback based on student’s academic performance and career profile. To give them a more realistic picture on studying medicine, IICS requested a visitation to the faculty of medicine, UPH Karawaci, a place where a number of our alumni studied/are studying.Students were excited, especially when they visited the anatomy room, where they could see and touch human dead bodies lying on the laboratory table (yes, they are real corpses!). The information presented during the explanation session also nailed them to the fact that it will take about 6 years to complete a bachelor degree in medicine in Indonesia and get their practice license. Though not all of them are planning to study in Indonesia, they now know what to expect when they come to a faculty of medicine.

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