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Preparing Your Child to Study Abroad

“It was an informative seminar!” exclaimed several parents while others asked for similar seminar to be conducted for students.

Last month, we invited Junior High & Senior High parents to attend our seminar with the topic: Preparing Your Child to Study Abroad. Understanding that most of our students study abroad upon their graduation, conducting this seminar for parents proofed to be essential.

Two external speakers were invited: Jacob D. Tan, MBA and Esther Kurniawati, M.Th.

Mr. Jacob spent 17 years of his life studying and working in Singapore and Dallas, Texas. He was involved in International Student Organization as well the President of Chinese Students Fellowship. He also worked at the Immigration Department & Operational Department at one of the universities in USA. Mr. Jacob emphasized the importance of family support, students’ proactiveness as well as the positive impacts Christianity brings when living far from parents.

Our second speaker, Mrs. Esther is a lecturer and the Head of Faculty of Psychology, Pelita Harapan University as well as one of the organizers of AKKI (Association of Christian Counselor, Indonesia). Mrs. Esther highlighted the psychological effect from sending children abroad and the psychological preparation needed before sending children abroad.

As closing, Mr. Joseph McGrath, our University Counselor explained the steps that our students need to prepare and encourages parents as well as students to start as early as Year 9.

Overall, it was an enriching seminar and it was pleasant to see hundreds of parents’ involvement in their child’s future.

—by Joshie K. Tan

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