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Senior High Intercultural Day

8bf75a99-14c4-4b4e-afc5-9baec5974b0f The Y10 report card distribution this year was very different compared to previous years. This year, it was held on Saturday, 20 January 2018. Parents were invited to attend the Information session in the chapel by Mr. Kristhianto as the Senior High Principal at 08:45. The session ended at 09:45 where parents were led to the Canteen to join the IICS Senior High Intercultural Day.

This event featured each PCG displaying a culture they had chosen. They displayed the costume, dance, music, weapons, ornaments, practices, curios, traditions, and most importantly, its foods. Guests were entertained by 12 booths of PCGs that had started their preparation from as early as 6 that Saturday. After a short tour of the exhibitions, parents collected their report cards and enjoyed the savory snacks that had been prepared by the students.

IMG_6834Guests were entertained by the students’ enthusiasms in winning their votes. Each guest could participate by posting their likes in the form a sticker to the PCG’s canvas. The winner of this event was PCG 11.2A for displaying Kalimantan, PCG 11.2B for displaying Sulawesi and PCG 12.2B for displaying China.

The success of this event was beyond expectations. As the saying goes, we get to kill two birds with one stone. We saw everyone going home with a big smile that day. The Senior High team will definitely schedule for such an event again next year!


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