Sentulfresh Edufarm

5IICS Kindergarten believed in the benefit of experiential learning, especially its ability to increase understanding.  Farm fieldtrip was an excellent way to provide students with an experience that engages all of their senses and stimulates their curiosity. This visit was bursting with opportunities for students to get in touch with the nature and learn a lot of things about it; plants and animals.

`K5 students of IICS enjoed their first fieldtrip to Sentulfresh Education Farm!  Sentulfresh introduced students to the daily farming activities.  The students started the day by feeding the fish.  There were Patil fish, Bawal fish, and Giant Catfish.  Then continued with a fun activity in which they fed the birds (Dove) but then they were also given a chance to try and catch the birds.  They were thrilled trying to catch the birds.

6Going around the farm had given the students the chance to observe and learn many different things.  They observed medicinal plants, lovebirds, deer, worms, rabbits, hamster, roosters and turtles.  They learned how to identify which cow that can produce milk and how to make yogurt from the milk. They also experienced the sensation of milking fresh milk from the cow.  Some students were excited but some just chose to watch their friends milking the cow.  The farmer also let the students rode on the calf!  The students were so brave!

On the farm, abstract ideas became tangible.  We hoped that this experiential learning that engages the students could promote long-lasting appreciation, understanding and connection to education, community, and the environment.

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