Shining in the World Scholar’s Cup

DSC_6086We could hear our hearts pounding as we arrived on the first day of the World Scholar’s Cup competition. However, we began to relax as the coordinators asked us to dance and cheer. A stuffed alpaca was even thrown to the audience. The alpaca is a relative of a llama, and is also the mascot of the World Scholar’s Cup, an international competition that the six of us, Nathanael Winoto, Michael Leonardo, Ryan Batubara, Michelle Lie, Catalina Tan, and Alicia Sutandar from IICS Junior High competed in on May 6-7 2017.

We competed against 400 other students from schools across Indonesia. The three boys made up one team, while the three girls made up another team. Mr. Darren, who had been training us for the past four months, accompanied us. We competed in four categories: writing, Scholar’s Challenge, debate, and Scholar’s Bowl, based on six areas: Literature, Arts and Music, Science and Technology, History, Social Studies, and Mythologies.

Our weekend started with writing persuasive essays, followed by an hour to individually answer 120 questions. Soon, we had to spend 3 hours debating non-stop. We won two out of three debates each. The next day, we had to answer 200 questions as a team by choosing a button on a “clicker” that corresponded with our answer.

Our amazing weekend ended with earning a total of 47 medals, including 24 silver and 23 gold, as well as one team trophy. The boys won gold medals in debating and Scholar’s Bowl, and a trophy in the Scholar’s Challenge. The girls won gold medals in writing.

Our journey has not ended, for both teams have qualified to move to the next stage – the Global Rounds. The girls team will be competing in Hanoi, while the boys will be competing in Athens. The wonderful aspect of the World Scholar’s Cup competition is that it is not just about winning. It is a celebration of learning, the showcase of everything we have learned with Mr. Darren. The memories, the unforgettable experiences, and the bonds we formed, will truly be engraved on our hearts for years to come.

by Alicia M. Sutandar, Sumatera Tigers, 8.3 and Catalina A. Tan, Java Rhinos 7.3

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