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Shortcut to Genius Seminar at IPEKA Integrated

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is.”
―Proverbs 23:7a, NASB

Have we ever considered ourselves as genius? Or, have we as parents tend to think of our children whom God has entrusted to us as clever and genius children?

A British author, James Allen once wrote a book As A Man Thinketh, and there is also a writer from Indonesia named Xavier Quentin Pranata who wrote a quite similar book You are What You Think. Both of them suggested that the way we think of ourselves will eventually come true. So, we need to maximize our cognitive potential if we want to acquire best things in our lives.

In relation with maximizing cognitive potential, IPEKA INTERNATIONAL Christian School – Jakarta has just held Shortcut to Genius seminar for Senior High students and parents to learn the best way on how to study well, while using cognitive potential, and to know more about the balance between the use of the right brain and left brain.

This seminar was held on last May 17, 2013 at IPEKA INTERNATIONAL Christian School’s grand chapel. The school invited Mr. Sutanto Windura, BLI (Buzan Licensed Instructor) as the speaker for the seminar.

Parents and students enthusiastically paid attention and responded as the speaker, IR. Sutanto Windura interactively delivered much valuable information about how to be genius.

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