SIMOC 2015

DSCN0902This past weekend, I (Isaac) and two other friends, Stanley and Nelson, represented IICS for the 1st annual Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad Challenge, in the beautiful little red dot of Singapore. We arrived August14th, 2015, but the competition did not start until about 9 AM the next day. We were so glad to be in this competition, and so we prepared a lot for this event that required really hard work.

On the day we had been waiting for, we both anxiously and excitedly, we headed to St. Joseph’s Institution, the venue of the competition. There would be 2 parts of the competition—the normal Math Olympiad and a Singapore-famous game called Math Warriors. The Math Olympiad was a normal pen-and-paper test where there were 25 questions, which was to be done in 90 full minutes. The test was almost entirely logic problems, yet it contained a lot of tricky and interesting questions. After the test, I felt both relieved and worried. I was relieved because the test was finally done, and all the hard work and spirit I put into this competition had been transferred into that piece of paper, but I was also worried because I felt that I made mistakes in some questions.

The next part was the Math Warriors competition. Math Warriors was a challenge where players were to roll dices, attack their opponent’s dices, and knock all their opponent’s dices out of the challenge. This was basically a game that required a lot of strategy and logic, just like a normal board game. For this competition, we were all assigned to teams of 3, bonding together with students from different grades and countries. We, of course, did not know each other at all, but we tried to communicate, since we knew that if we did not start to communicate, we would not have good teamwork. In the preliminaries, my team was really blessed, as won 4 out of 5 games. This result, in our surprise and joy, brought us into the Top 16. Then, my team kept making more and more strategies, and we pulled off two more wins—both miraculously, as we reached the final 4, which determined us winners.
DSCN0843The next day, we received the results. For the written test (Math Olympiad), Stanley, Nelson, and I managed to get silver, bronze and silver awards respectively. I felt really glad at that time, and I thanked God for what he did for me through it all. Moreover, I, surprisingly, also ranked 2nd overall in my grade for the entire competition. I realized that if I was in God’s hand, nothing is impossible, since God is with me. Praise God!

—by Isaac Edwin Winoto

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