So, What about Dating?

date seminar 1IPEKA Integrated Junior High Christian School conducted a regular service which was filled by panel discussion program for the student of grade 7-9 on Tuesday morning, January 27, 2015 in the school chapel. The program for teens took the suitable topic for the young teenagers. The topic is about dating.

What is dating? Dating must have a goal, mainly is to glorify the Lord and as the steps toward marriage.

Rev. Jonathan Mays, chaplain of IICS preached God’s Word entitled Biblical Principles on Marriage for this program. After the sermon, there was a segment to share knowledge and experiences by Ms. Joshie Katherine Tan, IICS Junior High School Principal.

Ms. Joshie reminded the students that when they decide to date, they should really try to know each other personalities, accept and ask for advice from their parents, and more importantly pray to God.

She also told the audience about her younger brother who were good friends with a girl basketball player when they both studied in Indonesia. Then they had to separate because he continued to study in Australia and the girl continued her study in Canada. They had been separated for years before they met again in Indonesia and were united by God in matrimony. They had known each other for 13 years as grade 7 classmates.

The point is, according to Ms. Joshie, that there is no need to hurry in courtship. And there is nothing to worry about. If God has planned the best, someday you will be united.

A panel discussion was led by Ms. Beth, Mr. Hendra, Mr. Jonathan, and Ms. Joshie. The topics were taken from the questions submitted by the students in the question box a week before the program. In question and answer session in the discussions, the questions below were discussed.

  • How should a person relate to someone of the opposite gender?
  • What could be the right age to start dating? Is there an age limit for dating?
  • Is it forbidden to date at school?
  • Can a person stay single, or not get married all her life?

May Lord Himself knit the banner of our love for He is the Source of all true love.

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