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Student Council and CCA President Leadership Training

IMG_4657 Leadership is one of the key points in IICS Senior High. The training was conducted right before the students had their break in June 2017 and it yielded some beautiful results.

Chelsea Hendra (OSIS member):

When I first was offered of joining the leadership training, I didn’t really think much of it. I  didn’t   think that it would impact  me i  an  way or affect  me  as a person. But in those 2 days,  I felt that I grew so much as a person. I learned  so much more about  what it means to  lead. I learned that to lead or influence others, we must first know ourselves and how to control ourselves. Yet, most importantly, I learned that leading doesn’t mean putting yourself first      because of the position you’re in, but it was about putting the needs of others and placing yourself in their shoes first to further  understand them. These lessons, I will surely implement and take with me  in my   life. I’m extremely privileged to be able to join this training and let it help me grow further as a person.5B6A320C-EBB8-4A41-B7DA-05A77E0AA0C4

Sancta Abidin (CCA President):
From these two days, I have  learned lots of things   about   leadership. Where it is just not about leading  but also the character and skills we have. Also, one  point that stood out the most was about how we should first lead ourselves, instead of leading others first. To be the change when we want to change instead of relying on others to change for us.

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