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Technology: Friend or Enemy?

Technology seminarThe Internet is becoming ever-present in our everyday life, and this is even more evident in IICS.

An internal survey conducted in April 2015, revealed that students enjoy unlimited Internet access (±85%) without any time limit (±70%). This new reality begs the question on what we understand about the new landscape and how would we respond to it?

As a response to the technology available to our students and parents alike, IICS Junior & Senior High Division hosted a seminar entitled Technology: Friend or Enemy? on April 18th, 2015. In the two-hour seminar, Freddy Liong, MBA, CBA, ACMC spoke on the dangers of the Internet, while focusing on pornography and gaming addiction.

Mr. Liong shared his own experience within his family of how gadgetry, gaming and Internet access can be too engaging for his children’s own good. Throughout the seminar, Mr. Liong showed his concern of how pornography and violence are too easily accessible through Internet.

The speaker presented a video about an Internet addiction treatment center in a suburb of Beijing, China. The video showcased the internal working of the boot-camp style center, along with its occupants, who were mostly brought there against their will by their parents. China, one of the first nations to call compulsive Internet use as an addiction, uses military-inspired physical training to treat the patients.

Mr. Freddy also underlined how compulsive use of gadgets might lead to abnormal brain growth, obesity, sleep apnea and a rise of aggression. He also quoted Elly Risman, on how MRI scans have shown that the brain reacts to pornography in a way similar to a severe car accident. He also supported his claim through multiple Internet related incidents covered by the media.

To close the seminar, the speaker offered some pointers for parents. He pointed out several methods for regulating Internet use, from having a no-gadget rule at home, and how parent might want to consider blocking home Wi-Fi altogether.

Technology, especially one that was originally designed to get through any blockade, might not have an easy answer to any of its challenges, but we can start by seeing the landscape in the right perspective and act accordingly.

Our government has already taken the step to filter the Internet through the Internet Sehat censorship list. On the other hand, our children do not behave the same way and it might be counterproductive to create a blanket regulation for all, limiting the potential to use the Internet as a powerful study tool.

We hope that the seminar will prove to be helpful to us all, so we can be a better steward of the technology-based society that we have created. May we find a better way to monitor and moderate the use of communication technology so we can use it wisely as God intended it to be.

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