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The Day the Leaders Were Born

“You may have experienced several leadership camps before, but this one was the real endeavour.”

2This year’s late-October leadership camp marked the beginning of a strenuous year for the new Year 12 students. It was exciting but intensive, the school retreat equivalent of a boot camp. Like any other camp, there was outbound, games and training sessions. But here are a few things that made it stand out.

First, we were told one simple and strange rule: don’t be serious, but always give your best effort. Second, we were given sets of odd missions, from guessing our trainers’ names, to remembering every move our friends make during meal time. And of course, every time we failed to accomplish them, there would be a consequence, such as destroying a 1000-piece puzzle in progress. These penalties, however, were blessings in disguise, fruits of agility, responsibility and resilience, which are crucial to the development of leadership character.

The camp wasn’t a breeze for most of us. Some said they’d rather be sitting in a painstaking Physics class. We spent the first few days of the camp learning to endure it. However, the results were unexpectedly significant and worth all the pain. In merely three days, we were molded into responsible and rigorous students.

An important lesson that we learned is to become a leader whom others follow not because they have to, but because they want to. This represents an essential nature of a God-fearing leader that this school aims to cultivate.

By: Jovita Suryawinata


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