The Joy of Giving

Some of our students from grade 4 – 6 and teachers had an opportunity to visit Pondok Kasih Agape orphanage near Plumpang, South Jakarta. The students were enjoying the trip, even though we had a long traffic to go there and back to school. When we arrived, all the children in the orphanage were ready sitting down on the floor to attend the service held by the coaches and some children there.

The service started with an opening speech by the coach to welcome the group from IPEKA Integrated Christian School Elementary students and tambourine performance. After we sang some praise and worship songs, there was the sermon led by one of the children from the orphanage. Some of the boys also performed their ability in playing guitars.

One of our grade 5 students’, Herbian Okky shared things that he learned by visiting the children in this orphanage. He told all of us that he was amazed by the children who praise and worship God wholeheartedly; he also learned to be thankful.

As a closing, our representation from IPEKA Integrated gave the coach some of utensils and money donation collected from our students for Thanksgiving program. Before the group from IPEKA Integrated went home, the students distributed snacks that had been prepared for the children in the orphanage.

We were so grateful that we had learned to share God’s blessings. May God’s name be glorified!

—by Viny Dharmadi

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