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United Nations Day Celebration at IPEKA Integrated Kindy

Parents were among the crowds during a bazaar held by IPEKA Integrated Kindergarten. Some of them were selling some delicious foods from Indonesia, China, Korea, even Italian foods and that of the US.

There was also an exhibition that sold some products by IPEKA Integrated Kindergarten students which have been made few days earlier by them in the class.

All of these were the atmosphere in a bazaar held during the United Nations (UN) Day celebration which was in commemoration of the founding of the UN. The event took place on last October 23, 2013 held in the indoor field of IPEKA Integrated Christian School, Jakarta.

The theme for this event was Unity in Diversity, in which in line with the motto in our national logo, Pancasila: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Old Javanese words which mean unity in diversity).

This celebration was aimed to make students well-acquainted with the fact that there are so many nations in the world, and yet as God’s children, they are as one in His sight.

It was also an opportunity to teach them since early to have a sincere concern toward the needy people.

The event was also to educate those little students that they can do so many things to help others, and not only by giving some financial support, but also with other kinds of help such as making handicrafts and other creative works to help them through a fundraising.

The bottom line message of this event is the power of unity in giving positive impacts toward others, wherever we are. And in the meantime, this event was also linked with the Thanksgiving celebration this year which was aimed to inspire students, too, about giving thanks to the Lord for his abundant blessings in their lives.

All revenues from the sale of the foods and handicrafts during the bazaar on this United Nations Day celebration will be donated to an orphanage so that this year’s Thanksgiving also would be more meaningful.

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