United Completely As One

New Picture (1)A lot of things had been going on in our country, Indonesia, lately. We had the President Election and other important events. These issues made the people of Indonesia tend to have disagreements about the president candidates that they chose. That was why we chose Unity in Diversity for our Independence Day theme this year.

We do hope that as Indonesians, we will be united completely as one. We also want to educate our students to respect and love each other even though their surroundings do not have the same race or ethnic as they are.

New Picture (2)Last Friday, 25 August 2014, our Elementary students had a lot of fun in the Independence Day Competition.

There were Baloon Relay, Bakiak Race, Tug of War and many other interesting games. The students were so excited to join these games since they were about to play together with their classmates.

Some of them even made bakiak with the asturo paper to help them practice before the competition began. Our students were so brave, we could see that not only boys who joined the tug of war, but the girls, too!

In this competition, the students really learn the meaning of sportsmanship and being supportive to their friends. Some of them were upset because they lose the game, yet their teachers and friends reminded them that the most important thing is doing their best instead of winning.

Hopefully this is the value they can remember until they grow up so they will be hard worker yet humble people. Amen!

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