Waste Not

Scientists have said that the amount of waste today is enough to cover up the entire earth’s landmass with a height of a meter. The increasing population of the earth causes a serious problem, in that it results in less space available to dispose waste. Seas are becoming contaminated resulting in animals living in it being poisoned causing extinction of animals. Waste can also cause sickness.

There are small steps we can take to not waste. One example is recycling trash. Recycling is the most common way to reduce waste, and also the easiest. We can recycle almost every material in this world, such as plastic bottles, paper and plastic cups. Another way is to not throw any inorganic material to the open. Not like organic materials, inorganic materials are hard to decompose. It would take a thousand years to decompose an inorganic material, so let’s not throw any of those!

Planting trees is also a solution to recover our damaged Earth. Some countries have really ignored trees, so trees have been cut which causes destruction to our forests. These countries only care about getting the wood; they don’t care about replanting them. This makes the Earth hot which causes Global Warming. Global Warming makes ice in the Poles melt, which can cause sea level to rise. Facts have said that if all the ice in this world melts, sea level will rise for approximately 70 meters. So that’s why we all need to plant more trees and save our environment.

Being part of a summit which would raise awareness about these things would enable me to analyze about this problem more. I want to know the real reason why the earth is in danger and I want to know how to protect it. I believe, too, that one of the reasons of this summit is to change our mindsets, from ignorance for environment to caring and protecting it.

So, let’s get together, and recover the damage to the earth that us, mankind, had made.

—by Jason Ho

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