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We Are Good Spellers!

Spelling BeeIn the end of March, IPEKA International Christian School (IICS) Elementary had Spelling Bee Competition. The students were so excited even weeks before it started. Some of the students loved to play hop game during their recess time using the Spelling Bee wordlist to help them memorize all the words.

The semifinal round of the competition was held on 27 March 2014. All the participants looked so nervous before they began, some of the students prayed together so they would be calm when they did the spelling. The competition between the semifinalists were so tense and tight, it seemed they had memorized all the words very well!

We had all the students watching their friends who joined the final round in the IICS Chapel. They were so glad they could support all the finalists and watched the last round of this competition.

All of us, including the teachers were thrilled to see the competition as the finalists spelled the words given by the pronouncer. They did a wonderful job in spelling those words that the pronouncer and judge needed to give them the challenge words in order to have the winners.

The winners looked so proud and happy, especially when the trophies, vouchers and certificates were presented to them. The teachers and students were thrilled to see their achievements. All the students including those of them who did not pass to the next round have done their best. We are so proud of them!

Here are the Elementary students who won in this good competition:

Grade 1: Cleon Amadeus Surya (grade 1.2)
Grade 2: Edmond Harel Koei (grade 2.2)
Grade 3: Michelle Erin Tan (grade 3.2)
Grade 4: Daniel Owen (grade 4.1)
Grade 5: Nathanael Massie Winoto (grade 5.3)
Grade 6: Isaac Edwin Winoto (grade 6.3)

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