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What’s New in IICS Kindergarten

1A school day in IICS Kindergarten is always filled with excitement and joy, which our students bring. In the beginning of an academic year, teachers will say of their returning students, “Look how much they have grown!” Yes, they grow up quickly, physically. But not only that! Children grow in many areas: socially, emotionally, in their thinking, in language, in their knowledge about and experience with God, etc. Therefore, we work hard to review and evaluate our curriculum each year to try to provide our students with better learning experiences than before. This year, some of the improvements made can be seen through the rearrangement of our classroom layout and playroom.  The playroom was brought closer to the Kindergarten classes to allow easy access and more effective playing time. When children play, they learn!

Our K4 and K5 classrooms now are equipped with computer centers and a carpeted area. The spaces are expected to accommodate a more dynamic and creative learning. We would like to nurture critical thinking and creativity as early as possible, as they should always be how our students approach their learning. As we strive to serve our students better each year, we need your continued support and prayers so that the Great Teacher, Himself, will guide and lead us!

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