I’d like to warmly welcome you to the Website of IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS).

Our IICS identity grows out of our unique mission, vision and core values.  It is further defined by our special Expected Student Learning Outcomes (ESLRs).

Our purposes may be illustrated by a pair of glasses. One lens is made up of our objectives to develop students with biblical character traits who have integrity as they live in the world. The spiritual formation of students is critical to raising responsive disciples.

The other lens is to bring the mind of Christ to education so that students are educated with academically rigor and will be accepted into their English university of choice around the world. IICS believes that both lenses must be in focus for students to reach their full potential.

Students are created in God’s image, and are made with special characteristics positioning them to carry out God’s design for their lives. Helping your child to live for a Christ-centered purpose includes the “head” knowledge of a biblical worldview, the “heart” knowledge of a personal commitment to Christ, and the outreach experience of faith in action through “hands.” IICS works in tandem with parents to uncover their unique strengths and talents.

Within our Kindergarten & Elementary, Junior High and Senior High, we want children to feel significant and secure in all classrooms and experience a sense of belonging within our biblical learning community. We are looking for an increased number of children, parents and teachers to join our “shalom community.”

Our school is made up of a diverse community of believers from many international locations that are united in the love of Christ.

We welcome the contact of prospective parents every day and would invite you to call or e-mail to set up an appointment and time to visit our school.  All school leadership makes it a priority to meet incoming parents and students. We would like for you to see the “world of difference” IICS is making in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Warmly in Christ,
Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason