The Meaning of the Attributes & Colors of School Logo


  • IPEKA’S logo represents a unity of the word ipeka with symbols of the Cross, Bible, and Hands.
  • The word ipeka is derived from the Indonesian words for Iman (Faith), Pengharapan (Hope), dan Kasih (Love) taken from I Corinthians 13:13.
  • The word ipeka is written in lower case letters to reflect the spirit of ministry and humility.

The color of BLUE symbolizes: Truth and vast insight
The Meaning of the Color: Blue

symbolizes the ministry that is based on:
1. FAITH in Christ
2. HOPE in Christ
3. LOVE that comes from Christ

The BIBLE The open book is the Bible that symbolizes:
Integrated education between faith and science

The two silhouettes that form a book also represent two hands in an open position that symbolize:

The result of education, where all IPEKA students develop holistically to:
1. Fulfill his/her calling in God’s world
2. Glorify God in his/her life

The color of ORANGE symbolizes:
The spirit and enthusiasm in Christian