Do you require any teaching experience and certification?
Yes. Indonesian government has set guidelines for working papers of expats. Among other things, all teachers must have 5 years of experience and be between the ages of 28-55. In addition to these standards, IICS is looking for certified teachers who know how to teach from a bibliocentric perspective.

What are the benefits offered from this school?
Our expats benefits include:

  • A modestly furnished apartment
  • A salary paid in Rupiah
  • 80% discount tuition fee (monthly fee). Free admission fee for the children of expat teachers
  • A roundtrip ticket paid every two years
  • Free transportation to and from school
  • 8 weeks of vacation time to travel to the amazing countries in Asia and beyond
  • Health Reimbursement/Hospitalization Insurance
  • Payment of the Indonesian income tax by IPEKA
  • Many teachers pay no US income tax!
  • Coverage for all working papers and visas

What do you mean by a Christian School?
IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) has clear goals that our students would be: independent critical thinkers, effective English communicators, prepared members of the global community and academically prepared as lifelong learners. It is our great concern that our students would also be faithful followers of Christ.

To fulfill this goal, IICS employs qualified and experienced teachers. Moreover, every teacher should have active Christian faith that would have a positive impact upon students.

How am I supposed to show my faith in this school?
IPEKA INTEGRATED is a Christian environment. Not only should our teachers  be Christian, we expect them to be actively involved in developing this faith community.

Here are some examples of the involvement:

  • every teacher is expected to lead Bible study groups with students, faculty and staff
  • every teacher will take part in morning devotion, combined services and retreats on a regular basis
  • every teacher will have involvement with a Christian church community

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact us at teachiics@ipeka.org