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World Scholar’s Cup: Athens Global Round

SLIDESHOW OHNathanael Massie Winoto, Michael Leonardi, and myself, Ryan Yeshaya Batubara, participated in the World Scholar’s Cup, Jakarta Regional Round, in April 2017. We qualified to go to the next round, The Global Round, over the summer. There were three venues to chose from: Athens, Greece; Hanoi, Vietnam and Cape Town, South Africa. After much consideration, we decided to participate in the Athens Global Round, which was held from July 18-23. Upon our arrival in Athens, we were immediately struck with the heritage of the city. The entire city, not just the Parthenon, showed how it was filled with the spirit of competition, for which it is so famous. When we entered the theatre to compete, we were greeted by more than 1,500 scholars, from over 40 different countries, from all over the world.

Over the course of the event, we competed against teams from three different countries. We were pushed to our limits to debate, write persuasive essays, answer 120 critical thinking questions, and cooperate with each other to answer trivia questions, back-to-back. When we finished the very last competitive event, we were exhausted, but relieved. Our spirits were soon lifted, however, as we paired up with people from different countries, at the Scholar’s Ball and the Scavenger Hunt.  Each of us was able to make many new friends while participating in these two social events. In the end, we earned a total of 34 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 6 trophies. Although we felt tired and weary from the competition, we came home filled with a great sense of joy and satisfaction.

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