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World Scholars Cup Global Round From Hanoi to Yale

SLIDESHOW OHAfter shining at Regional Round of World Scholar’s Cup in Jakarta on May 6-7, 2017, Michelle Lie, Catalina Tan, Ryan Batubara, Nathanael Winoto, Michael Leonardi, and I continued our journey to the Global Round. The girls’ team proceeded to compete in the Global Round in Hanoi from June 26-30, 2017, while the boys proceeded to Athens in July 2017.

The competition featured four big events: debate, writing, an individual test around 6 subjects, and a team trivia. Although the competition format and theme remained the same, all parts were significantly more difficult and challenging in the Global Round. Additionally, we went face to face with many top scholars around the world. Despite the heat, nervousness, and anxiety, we worked together and pushed each other to give every challenge our best shot.

Watching the awards ceremony on June 30, the three of us stared at the screen tensely, hoping against hope that our team number would appear, qualifying us for the next round. As announced category, by category, our team won 6 silver medals, 5 gold medals, and a trophy in total. I smiled proudly at my teammates, knowing that I wouldn’t be sitting there if it weren’t for them. That smile quickly turned into utter shock as our team number appeared on the screen, qualifying us for the Tournament of Champions in Yale University. I felt my teammates’ arms wrap around me, their surprised shrieks filling my ears. I turned to them, joining in their gleeful laughter, knowing that I wouldn’t trade them for any other team in the world.

By Alicia M. Sutandar, Sumatera Tigers 9.1


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