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Student Orientation Days – Year 10 Students

Copy of 088This year of going back to school, IICS has organized the Student Orientation Program where we welcome the students of Year 10 with a big BANG! From the 27th to the 29th of July, the senior student council of IICS has conducted a schedule full of games, introductions, briefings, and a bundle of fun. We wanted to make sure that the newcomers had a great first impression of Senior Year and all the great memories that are yet to come.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the first day of the orientation, we gathered all the Year 10 students to the multifunction room where several teachers were introduced as well as the HSC curriculum. After the briefing, we continued the orientation by playing several games. The first game called “Meletus balon hijau” was aimed to build relationships within the community. In this game, many balloons were popped, stepped, and even sat on. The goal was to blow and save as many balloons as possible from the opposing team. The second game was based on how well the students were able to communicated to one another, this game was called the “Whisper challenge”. In this game, the students must try to send a message without actually listening to what the person was saying but by reading the other person’s lips. The last game was the climax of the day, we ended it with a fun game of water baloon fights called “Don’t Let Me Down”. Although gathering all the students and making sure that they followed all the rules was a challenge, the day ended well with a refreshing splash of water.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next day, the students were split up into 6 groups according to their PCG’s. The reason for doing so is because we arranged our very own version of “The Amazing Race” where these 6 groups will be competing against each other to collect the most points in order to win. Since there were 6 groups, we set up 6 games where each group will be assigned into different stations. The 6 games consisted of “Let’s play a game”, “Cooking nasi goreng”, “Flip cup”, “Tic Tac Pong”, “Banana pass”, and “Row row your boat”. The climax of this game was held at the last game where all 6 groups gathered in the swimming pool to create a boat out of cardboard, duct tape, empty gallons, and scissors. The aim of this last game was to initiate the students critical thinking and teamwork to build the boat. After building the boat, 6 representatives of each group tested the boat by rowing it from one end to the other end of the swimming pool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe goal of this orientation was to get the students excited for high school and to give the new students a good look around the school as well as the students. The most important part of high school aside from the education we get is the memories we make, and the senior student council is here to make sure that those memories are going to last by giving the best events we can offer.

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