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Year 8 Students Social Activity

Y8 Social ActivityThe 8th grade social trip to Desa Sawah resort in Bogor, included meeting up with children from Pondok Taruna orphanage. We had about a three hour bus ride to the resort.

Once we arrived and met with 25 children from the orphanage who were already there, it was a bit awkward at first, but in no time students were mingling together.

We all sat on the floor in an area set up for our worship time. Students settled into a time of worship where we sang several songs. We enjoyed a couple special songs that the children from the orphanage preformed. The songs were very touching. The message given centered on the theme of giving, delivered by Mr. Julius.

We moved from our worship time to some game time where all the students were joined together in several groups. Even though the weather was a bit rainy, the students seemed to enjoy themselves. Boundaries slowly drifted away as both groups of students, those from the elite, and those from the needy, worked together to accomplish the task at hand. It was now time for lunch which was provided by the resort. The food was delicious and more than enough for all. We gave it another try at the games as the rain seemed to let up a little.

Y8 Social Activity 3After the first game, we were rained out as the skies opened up. But, one game was not to be missed, catching fish with our hands. Yes, only our hands! Many students were not going to let this game go without getting into the water and giving it a try. There was a lot of screaming and determination from a few students to catch that evasive fish using only their hands. There were several fish caught by the students, and it was quite a sight to watch. We gathered back together out of the rain. We learned which groups were the winners, gave some winning snacks, and said our goodbyes. This ended our time at the resort with our new friends.

We learned that God loves in such a way that no matter who we are, His great love is extended to every person, great or small, rich or poor. What a great opportunity we had to share together in that great love. We came away fulfilled and encouraged that God is working in all parts of this world.

by Wayne Houghton

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