Year 9 Annual Field Trip

DSCF5673Grade 9 students of IICS had their annual field trip on February 27th, 2015. The goal of the field trip was for us to get a better understanding of how technology has supported the economy over the years. We had the opportunity to visit the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Bank Indonesia Museum and Bank Mandiri Museum.

Our first destination was the Indonesian Stock Exchange Center. It was a modern, office-style building with granite flooring and walls of concrete and glass. We were welcomed into a grand lobby and were led to an educational museum on stock exchanges in Indonesia. After which we all gathered in an auditorium, where an employee explained to us how the Indonesian Stock Market works.

The trip continued with a visit to Bank Mandiri Museum, it was more archaic both in its architecture and exhibits. The museum hosts a collection of items related to colonial banking activities, including bank-owned operating supplies, old currencies, cash counters, and old Dutch safe deposit boxes from the colonial era. However, before we could tour the place, we were shown a black-and-white Dutch documentary. As a prelude to the tour of the museum, the video introduced us to the Indonesian history and took us to famous places during the Dutch era.

After touring the museum grounds, each of us had a shot at making our own batik. As there were many beautiful designs to choose from, some of us had a hard time selecting. The wax used on the cloth was boiling, and it was rather difficult not to keep it from dripping and ruining the batik. As soon as we were finished, the cloth was dyed and dried to give it color. We were allowed to take it home as souvenirs from the trip.

DSCF5509Our next stop, Bank Indonesia Museum, was a big contrast to Bank Mandiri Museum. Air-conditioned and well designed, this museum was modern and undoubtedly the opposite of the Bank Mandiri Museum, but was also very informative. Here they hold banking artifacts as well as the written history of Bank Indonesia.

Our last stop of the day was our visit to the Kota Tua town square, where we took pictures and rode bicycles. The architectural design of the square and buildings around it gives a sense of the Dutch colonial period. Our field trip ended with this fun activity. All in all it was a memorable and educational day that I believe none of us will forget.

—by Christabella Nicole Surono (class 9.1)

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