Year 9 Students Field Trip

As part of the Bahasa Indonesian curriculum, Year 9 students spent a day learning historical and cultural aspects of Indonesia. We first visited Museum Layang-layang where we were given the opportunities to paint kites, umbrellas, or wayang. While our creations may not have been as professional as the experts at Museum Layang-layang, some of us really impressed them with our skills! We were also allowed to keep everything we created, providing us with fun and entertainment now.

Our next stop was Taman Mini, where we watched wonderful performances by the choir of Paduan Suara Mercu Buana University and cultural dances from Papua by the group Tari Papua.

Paduan Suara Mercu Buana was a group of twenty university students, who were both wonderful singers as well as entertaining performers. Their songs had cultural roots from all over Indonesia, showing how different islands of Indonesian have different customs.

Tari Papua not only danced the dances of Papua, but even dressed true to Papuan culture. The dancing was interesting and enjoyable to watch, plus their added humor was welcomed entertainment.

After learning and exploring more of what Taman Mini had to offer, we rode the cable cars, giving us a bird’s eye view of the park, as well as the park’s landscape edition of the country of Indonesia. Created by placing small parts of land and bushes (representing Indonesia’s islands) in a large body of water, we were able to see how vast Indonesia is.

Overall, it was an interesting, enjoyable and learning-filled day of Indonesian culture outside of the classroom.

—by Brady Moordhurst

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